The Trolleyvox
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The Trolleyvox released Leap of Folly and Ephemera for the Future on Groove Disques.

For the sheer chills-down-your-back joy of pop music, you won't do any better than this debut album. - Magnet

Guitarist/songwriter Andrew Chalfen (Wishniaks, Joey Sweeney) and his talented co-conspirators crafted a cool, sparkling glass of pop…a perfect lazy Sunday listen, full of chiming chords and winding melodies (Philadelphia City Paper)…the ringing, big, hollow-body Rickenbacker-Byrds kind in sonic approach. The unpretentious, cagey vocals from budding star Beth Filla soar and seduce, often in intricate harmony, and knockout drummer Ken Buono (Flight of Mavis, Buzz Zeemer, Dragstrip Courage) channels all that is great about the golden age of '60s melodic drumming.

Wow. How did they top that? Well, with increased confidence, emotional depth and a more subtle compositional brush and palate, create an album of epic momentum that is at once reassuring and breathtaking. As on Ephemera, studio mastermind Adam Lasus (Madder Rose, Versus, Clem Snide) deftly sculpted The Trolleyvox studio sound in a way that is at once modern, yet informed by great recordings by the Beatles, Byrds, and Who. There does seem to be a bit of 1966-era innocence and possibility swirling about The Trolleyvox. Hit singles for imaginary radio stations! Folk rock for the post-hip! Their Leap of Folly could be yours.
heavy pop values!
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